Owning Your Personal Power: 5-week Online Group


Owning Your Personal Power: 5-week Online Group


Owning Your Personal Power & Eliminating the Attack of the “Shoulds"

A 5-week Online Group Therapeutic Transformative Experience where you let go of all of the ways you think you should be, and fully embrace that which you ARE in every living moment. In this group you will learn to be confident and OWN Your Personal Power!

Every Thursday for 5 weeks from February 22nd - March 22nd

8pm EDT / 5pm Pacific / 3pm HI

Group meets for around 90 minutes on *Zoom.

Investment: $99 (+ $3.20 transaction fee)

More details:

  • Each session includes group meditations and activations, energy clearings, group discussion, experiential learning of transformational distinctions and tools.

  • Each session will be recorded and distributed to group members.

  • Registration also includes free Solar Plexus Clearing MP3.

  • Group will be limited to 6 people. Sessions will be held over Zoom video conference. *Zoom software is easily downloadable & Free.


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Keri's personal journey is one of self-love and transformation. Once in the rat-race and working in politics in New York City, Keri was "asleep" and unconscious until the age of 28.

She woke up during her Saturn Return through yoga, the Landmark Forum and spirit guides like her first yoga teacher. She's been focusing on personal growth, spirituality and transformation every since.

Keri went from someone who made herself wrong so often she didn't even realize it, to someone who practices self-love every single day and assists others to do the same.  From someone who was living life as just another sheep in the herd to an innovative and powerful woman who is constantly creating a life she adores! 

Keri has a Masters in Clinical Social Work from New York University and holds a social work license in both the State of New York and Hawaii.  She's grateful her path led her to social work school so that she could lay down such a serious foundation in her work with others. Keri worked as a trauma therapist and taught Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness as an adjunct professor for psychology graduate students. She also co-created and co-facilitated "Be. Here. Now." workshops teaching therapists meditation techniques and other tools to increase their capacity to be more present in their sessions.

Along with her Masters in Social Work, Keri completed over a year and a half of transformational and experiential self-awareness courses at the Landmark Education, including a pretty hard-core six month leadership program that was ranked by Harvard Business School as one of the best in the nation.

Keri became an Access Consciousness Bars™ Energy-work Practitioner in June of 2012 in New York City. Learning, practicing and receiving energy-work transformed her life and she quickly became an Access Bars™ Practitioner and Facilitator to teach others how to access their own consciousness through energy-work to Unlock Who You Really Are.

In July 2015, Keri completed a Past-Life Regression Therapy training by the world re-known psychiatrist and author of Many Lives, Many Masters Dr. Brian Weiss

Since 2017, Keri has been learning one of the original Tarot Decks (the Rider-Waite deck), an awareness tool that's been used all over the world for the past 600 years.

Keri combines energy-work, Past-Life Regression Therapy, spiritual or transformational tools with talk-therapy techniques to assist you to get unstuck and clear past emotional and energetic blocks from this lifetime and other lifetimes.  

So you can live a life of awareness, possibility, transformation and joy. So you can live a life you love. So you can Unlock Who You Really Are.