ONLINE Soul Group Past-Life Regression & Karma Completion: March 5, 2019


ONLINE Soul Group Past-Life Regression & Karma Completion: March 5, 2019


We come together on this special evening (the New Moon in Pisces) as Soul Family to expose our common threads and themes and to unlock the bondage that we have experienced beyond the here and now.

We work together to clear the old behavior patterns, thought forms, relationships, karma and energy that isn't in alignment with our Highest Good.

We do this work across timelines, realities and dimensions.

Online Soul Group Past-Life Regression

Tuesday, March 5th

9pm Eastern/ 6pm Pacific / 4pm HI

75 minutes. Held through Zoom.

$30 Exchange 

*Event Recording Available to Registered Participants.

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Past-Life Regression Therapy is facilitated through the technique of Hypnosis. Similar to meditation, the goal of hypnosis is to access the subconsciousness mind, which is not limited by your imposed boundaries of logic, space and time. 

The subconscious can remember EVERYTHING, from any time. 

It can generate creative solutions to your problems and find the deeper wisdom that lies inside us all in order to achieve real healing.

This work allows us to become in tune with our vital life force and present to the lessons we've learned in our other time/space incarnations so that we may complete our karma from past lives, and better understand, navigate and integrate the lessons occurring in our current life situations.

Keri Receiver, LSW. is trained in Past-Life Regression by Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters.

*Event Recording Available to Registered Participants.*

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