The Avoidant (Dance Out Your Attachments)

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The Avoidant (Dance Out Your Attachments)

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Dance Clearings are designed to allow you to express, embody and excavate all the feelings known and unknown that might be stuck inside of your body from the past. They are meant for you to clear out energy that no longer serves you through dance and movement in your home or anywhere that moves you...Life is a dance and now you get to create the dance floor wherever you are.

"The Avoidant" explores an Avoidant Attachment style and what that looks like in your body and not just in your brain. So you can "Dance Out" Your Attachments.

It's a good idea to be well-versed on the different Attachment Styles before you do this Dance Clearing, so if you haven't already, read the recent article I wrote about them by clicking here

Now get into something comfortable, clear some space around you so you can move freely, and get ready to explore your avoidant feelings.


Listening by Jaime Sieber

When I Grow Up - Original Mix by The Human Experience

Too Close by Alex Clare

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