New York Keri (Ilisa Sender-Receiver!).

Wow, what an intense full moon it's been! And on the heels of my return to the Big Apple. It's amazing how you can be in one scene of your movie in one moment, and then with a mere 12 hour plane ride across the United States of America -- POOF -- you're in another scene. 

My New York City movie is familiar. 
On the surface the scene feels the same, like I'm picking up exactly where I left off...

Yet, if I dive deeper I can begin to feel how much "Hawaii Keri" really has shifted "New York Keri". 

The most noticeable difference so far is how the 'charge' in certain relationships here is gone. A total transformation in the way I relate to those that in the past had majorly affected me. Sacred contracts complete.

I'm stoked to see as I continue to BE here for the summer, just how much my dance has changed. 

I can feel my increase of FAITH in life...because I know what happens when I follow my heart and follow my dreams. 

And I have Faith now no matter what things feel like in any given moment.

I have FAITH in the journey.
And I'm constantly curious about the ride. 

Sat Nam. 💫💫