Therapy: A Space to Remind you: YOU MATTER!

I’ve been receiving energy-work for as long as I’ve been giving it...but I recently started working weekly with a therapist for the first time in years.

I’ve chosen to make a living holding space for others...but I haven’t given myself the same time and space to be witnessed.

Every session I’ve had so far, I’ve cried. And I don’t mean an occasional tear here and there, I mean I am letting it RIP. And not because I’m going through any major loss or depression or fact, my life is changing and transforming in the most amazing of ways right now.

I cry because someone is holding the space for me to be witnessed. I cry because someone else truly wants to SEE me and has a real interest in knowing my deepest thoughts and feelings, along with watching every move I make in the time we have together.

I cry because I feel like I MATTER again and I’ve spent way too long feeling like I didn’t. I spent way to much time putting everyone else’s needs and desires before my own. 

And it’s different then sharing with a friend...for me there’s always some place inside where I feel like I need to reciprocate or keep the sharing balanced when I’m being that intimate with a friend. It’s such a relief to have 50-minutes every week where I can just make it 110% about me.

It’s also so beautiful to remember that I get to do this for people for a living. Lots of times I’m so focused on what energy needs to be cleared with someone that I forgotten how valuable it is to just hold space and give someone else 110% of my attention and willingness to see them. That in of itself is transformative.

And I’m grateful now that I’m finding the balance between the two. It feels like starting therapy is just one of the ways in which I’m beginning (again) to own the “Receiver” in Keri Sender-Receiver.

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Why It Feels so Hard to Move Forward

Why It feels so Hard to Move Forward

by Keri Sender-Receiver, LSW

I don’t know about you,

but it feels really hard to move forward these days.

I mean, I know it’s coming. I know it’s allll coming.


A part of me wants to just give up.

“It feels too hard.”

“I don’t want to do all of that work.”

(MY version of my fear).

And a part of me isn’t entirely sure how to Be Fully Me.

Maybe she’s too mean or too smart.

What if she causes some serious damage?

And then I get it --

she’s already been created anyway.

It’s already said and done.

So just Unlock Who You Really Are.

There’s nothing to do but Unlock Who You Really Are…

I write this as a reminder to myself and to all of us.

It is a time of great change and the answer is

to be Who We Really Are, to love and accept ourselves fully.

This is what will move the planet forward.

It’s not about protests,

or constantly reading about politics on your News Feed,

it’s about changing the outside by changing within.

It’s about doing the work, whatever that looks like for you.

And only you know what that is…



When I Didn't Think I was Beautiful...

When I was a teenager, my self-image was completely distorted so I had a nose job because I didn’t think I was attractive enough.

The surgery was so painful and traumatic…it wasn’t very long before I completely regretted and resented that I had the operation.

And I still thought that I was ugly.

It wasn’t until I ‘woke up’ at age 28 that I realized how beautiful I am.

And when I finally realized it and declared that I was beautiful, the strangest thing occurred…

Like magic - and for the first time ever - people and strangers EVERYWHERE starting approaching me to tell me I was beautiful: the guy at the corner bodega who sold me coffee every morning, a stranger on the subway, others walking down the street…it was a complete breakthrough.

I had always looked to others to tell me that I was attractive (or worthy, or good enough), but it wasn’t until I realized myself how beautiful I actually was, that the outside world started to tell me too.

We all have emotional trauma that acts as a block in our lives. What's your emotional trauma? For assistance releasing it: or email:

You are the Dance...

Just spent a week in Maui for OneDanceTribe Hawaii 2017.

I danced through so much that it feels like I'm still processing and catching up from the shifts and ripples that all the movement invoked in the swirling tidepool that is (my) Life...

And I found God in the dance.
Or rather, I surrendered until Spirt danced me...

It's hard to explain the pure awe and utter delight in knowing that your hands and arms are moving but that you aren't the one moving them.

It's the experience of a deep knowing of the Truth that ultimately God is the one in control.

I also danced until I lost my mind...but not in a way that I felt crazy. In a way that I listened to my body so much that my brain stopped trying to run the show. My brain had nothing left to say.

I danced until I found my power, and then I gave it away to another dancer. I fell in love and got my heart broken and all to be reminded of the basics of Attachment 101.

I danced through crisis and longing, reached and pulled until I couldn't help but to yield to the dance. 

I was left with a choice to dance in struggle or dance to surrender...

Life can feel unsure at times. The dance can feel confusing and rocky...yet when we stop and remember that we are being danced by God...well, that we can trust.

Because we ARE the dance.


Who are you in transition periods?
In the space between
the old story and the new one...

And how do you function within the pause?

Are you fearful of your future,
Or do you have Faith?

Can you feel yourself surrounded by the Grace of Spirit, 
Unraveling your ties to the Past...
Anchored by Trust,
Directed by the flutter of your own juicy red beating heart.

#unlock #unlockwhoyourreallyare

Practice Being Yourself...

At three years old I sat in a highchair around the dinner table and listened to everyone’s judgments and criticism of everyone else.

As I listened, a piece of my Soul slid right from out of the high-chair and landed all the way underneath the table on the kitchen floor.

I was mortified.

I wanted to hide.

If everyone else was being criticized, wouldn’t I also be judged?

This fear of being judged made it hard for me to be myself for the 25 years to come, until at age 28 my first spiritual teacher looked me straight in the eyes and said:

“Keri, when you walk into a room, half the people will love you and half of them will hate you before you even open your mouth to speak…

So you might as well just Be Yourself.”

Every day I practice Being MySelf.  

Every day I practice not giving a shit what people think when I walk into a room.