The Yummiest Mystery

I am so stoked by LIFE!
It's like all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together,
Yet I have no idea what everything will look like yet.
It's the yummiest mystery...
In every moment.

I realized this week how I've been so mistrusting of others,
And how that mistrust is just a projection.

I've been reminded of how to let all of that go and just...TRUST.

Surrendering to the Divine Flow.
Trusting myself,
And opening my heart.

Exploring and deepening all those sacred connections that I have with others, 
and honoring 
each and every one of them,
without trying to manipulate them 
into what I want them to be,
or how I want them to look, 
or define them,
or put them into any kind of box 
or neatly wrapped package.

Exploring the sacred connection I have with the Great Spirit,
And the connection that my connections have to the Great Spirit.

Honoring every part of myself, 
Even the parts I don't like.

And most of all, having FUN like I've never had before...

Following Your Heart is the New Thinking

It's time to stop thinking about everything.

Lately, I've been growing increasingly agitated by the ways in which I plan, analyze and strategize for the things I want.

What would it take to invite something completely different in?

To instead of manipulating to fulfill our Master plans, we follow the DIVINE PLAN simply by following our hearts.

What would it take to truly LET-GO?!

To make choices based only on what feels right. What feels good. What feels True.

To Be in the Divine Flow in each and every moment.

The New Divine Masculine.

To live life in a way that following the heart IS the New thinking!