New Year Blessings from the Dead Dove

This morning when I was practicing yoga a beautiful Hawaiian dove made a suicide mission right into the roof of my townhouse.

I heard a pretty loud “smack” and then watched as the bird plopped on my lanai and  instantly died.
I could feel the energy of trauma and shock from the impact and then could feel the bird’s soul leave it’s little body.

The City girl in me almost started to have a fit at the idea of removing the bird, but my mind quickly transitioned into a calm inquisition with Spirit.

What does this mean? Why did the bird die on my lanai, and why did I have to watch it?

After my yoga practice I gathered my dustpan and gently scooped the bird up. I blessed it and wished its’ soul a beautiful transition into a next incarnation that would bring a most auspicious life.

As I released it to the Earth, the point became clear to me: Death is beautiful, Keri. And it’s okay. That bird’s soul was ready to move on.

How perfect for the first few days of this new year. As I’m letting go and allowing things to die in my own life — relationships that have expired their shelf life, old fears, stories, and thought patterns that don’t serve me, all of the struggle of the past — and that beautiful bird was a wonderful reminder that it is indeed time to move on.