I'm Taking Advantage of this Mercury Retrograde


I'm taking advantage of this Mercury Retrograde,

and pulling my awareness deeper inside.

Down through all the dusty, dark layers.

Discovering the parts of me that still think I'm separate from everything and everyone...


The parts of me that are so insecure 

that I don't post on social media for fear that I won't be as "liked" as I want to.

Untangling myself from a lifetime of being told that I need to look good in front of others,

And care about what they think.

That I have to do it that or this way.


Digging into the deep ditches of myself 

that STILL doesn't fully trust others.


Contemplating what it means for me to Live my Passion at THIS moment in time.


Tapping into that well inside of myself that will keep on keeping on, 

That knows that my process is wonderful and beautiful and unfolding 

just. as. it. should. BE.


And I will RISE

again and again 

like a Phoenix,

Until I'm fully born into the version of me 

That's who I TRULY am.