One Way Ticket to My Destiny.

Well, I did it.

Today my Tourist Visa was approved,
And I bought a ticket to India.

I started to cry a little when I saw that my Visa was approved.

I can't explain it other than to say that it feels like I've waited my entire life so far to go on this journey.

To make this Spiritual Mecca.
To follow my dharma, 
as we Vipassana meditators say.

I'm leaving the end of September,
not sure how long I'll be there.
Until India is done showing me what it needs to,
Or Pele Ma calls so strongly that it's time to go back home to Hawaii.

Either way, today I booked a one way ticket to my destiny.

I'm so fucking humbled and grateful for LIFE and all the opportunities and possibilities that rumble inside of it.

For all the opportunities to grow,
To stretch outside of my comfort zone,
To dive into the unknown,
To jump feet first into the next chapter.
To BE this FREE.

Sat Nam. 💫💫

Following Your Heart is the New Thinking

It's time to stop thinking about everything.

Lately, I've been growing increasingly agitated by the ways in which I plan, analyze and strategize for the things I want.

What would it take to invite something completely different in?

To instead of manipulating to fulfill our Master plans, we follow the DIVINE PLAN simply by following our hearts.

What would it take to truly LET-GO?!

To make choices based only on what feels right. What feels good. What feels True.

To Be in the Divine Flow in each and every moment.

The New Divine Masculine.

To live life in a way that following the heart IS the New thinking!