How Everything Changed on the Way to the Mexican Joint.

Isn't it amazing how the energy can shift in one split second?

And for those reading who don't feel as sensitive to energy, just replace 'energy' with 'your feelings' or the 'experience of life.'

I was feeling a mild case of anxious, wonky, and gnarly at times this weekend. Feeling disconnected to myself.

And then? 
In the parking lot of the Mexican joint on the way to the beach, everything shifts. 
And for no reason, whatsoever.

Just because it's time. 
Just because God said so.

But duh, Keri. 
Everything is ALWAYS shifting.

It's the one constant we have.

The cloud passes to let the splendid sunshine pour in and light up the landscape, 
only until it starts to pour,
and it's time to go inside. 
Until it's time to come outside.