Eyes As Slits

When I close my eyes,

I feel awareness expanded.

I see some flecks of light, 

energy moving, 

bursts of red and orange.


I feel the same awareness 

When I look inside of my body.

a tight hamstring,

Electric energy spewing from toes,

an open heart.


When I open my eyes,

I feel no "I".

I have eyes as slits,

That rip from nothing 

Into Everything.

Gates into a single perspective,

The projector of one movie,

That IS all there Is.

Up to the Mountain, Keri's Version

I went up to the Mountain,
to connect with Great Spirit.
Humbled and awestruck by the
Powerful Hawaiian energies
that unlock my third eye
And feed mana into the sky
where I shower in the Milky Way,
and far out-galaxies and
countless shining stars.
I am grateful for the message I received
up on Mauna Kea:
A reminder that all of life is projected out of Ajna, 
my third eye...
That there is no difference between me
and that Milky Way,
That I am as Divine as those far-out galaxies,
That I am the same as each and every star.