Moving Beyond Projections and Transference

I’m a double Gemini, which means I came into this reality dominated by my intellect. Yet I’m a firm believer that while understanding something intellectually is helpful, it is really in having the experience of a Spiritual phenomenon where we can fully integrate Life teachings in a long lasting way.

To feel something, to KNOW something in your bones, is very different than conceptualizing it in your brain.

During the past ten years I’ve encountered way more than a handful of eye-opening, transformational experiences. I feel very blessed to have God or Spirit or whatever you want to call the Great Mystery, show me different realities, Truths, and awareness’s through the experiences I’m having in this particular physical and human body.

In one of the more profound disclosures of Truth, several years ago I was able to have and hold such a deep clarity that I experientially witnessed how I (we) see Life through a filter of our projections and transference that’s based on the past.

When I was able to see Life without this tainted lens, everything was empty, but it in the most amazing way. People and situations simply existed, without any meaning. 

I was truly witnessing a movie, unfolding in a series of crisp and crystal clear moments, that I had never seen before.  This new experience of reality lasted for several weeks.

I remember on some level, I felt a coldness to Life.

I was very much devoid of any lasting emotions. Feelings and sensations came and went, as did colors and shapes and the subtle movements of faces and yet every moment seemed to be witnessed and then simply replaced by the next one. I was alert and aware that every image my brain perceived was evaporating with the arrival of the very next “NOW”.

And even as I write this, I can sense and remember the possibilities that I felt were infused in each and every moment of this cold, hard reality.

Life is literally bursting to shift into something entirely unknown, waiting for our brain to stop the wash-rinse-repeat cycle, to escape from the endless loop of madness that is a reality constantly on some version of replay.  

In those weeks I knew that only the fear of the unknown was in the way of a completely different reality emerging…

When we move along our spiritual path, we can often have profound experiences that we then want to chase. I know that longing to experience this deep clarity again is not what will bring it forth. At the same time, I do believe this kind of clarity is possible and sustainable for all of us through intentions and increased awareness…which brings me to some educational and information dissemination to increase your awareness.

If you need some clarification, remember that projections are your thoughts, feelings and beliefs that you impose onto other people and situations. Transference is a particular type of projection that’s based on your early and first relationships - most commonly family members and/or primary caregivers.

Transference also happens within significant adult relationships too, although it’s likely that parental transference showing up as well.  It’s why you feel like you are in relationship with people who have the same qualities over and over again.  

Your reptilian brain, the part of your brain that is responsible for survival (and the flight, fight and freeze response we experience through trauma) – interprets, perceives and then re-creates similar experiences because it survived them.

It does this without any judgment of the experience being good or bad. It simply re-enacts, projects and transfers because it knows that it made it through the experience, and it wants to survive again.

Thus, if we come with a deep understanding that all of Life is a movie being projected out from our minds, then we can see that actually we are not seeing clearly at all.

Our reptilian brain is so stuck in its survival loop that it can’t see people or situations as they actually are in reality.

Instead, we look and perceive through a distorted lens.

I recently witnessed all of my mother wounds, and my subsequent issues with women come up to clear as they were transferred onto one single woman that is currently in my life.

As this energy emerged and I treaded through the mud and muck of my past, my mind projected old scenes and feelings into my relationship with her.

It reminded me of my distorted lens, as well as my experience of living a life free of projections and transference.

Through my own combination of receiving talk-therapy and energy-work, I’m working to dissolve these past experiences from my brains’ hardwiring.

I feel compelled to assist you to experience the same kind of clarity that I have around this subject.

HERE is a link to an energetic clearing MP3 called “Get Your Past Out of the Present.” It’s designed for you to let go of all of the energy of your projections and transference, so that you can life a Life that is grounded in reality and not clouded by your past.

Listen to it often and remember that it’s the awareness that causes shifts, not the struggle to change things.

A reality free of the past is definitely a possibility for our future.












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