We Should Find Out Who We Really Are

Lenny Kravitz nailed it:
"We should take time out to really Love
We should find out who we really are"

My time inside the heart of NYC is getting me re-present to the sack of lies we are being sold...from consumerism to work ethic to our priorities in Life.

I see millions of miserable people being herded like cattle to their 9 to 5 jobs so they can make enough money to buy the meaningless shit they think will buy them happiness.

When will we BREAK FREE from the chains of the "shoulds", from how we've been told it's supposed to go and supposed to be and take the time to really BE ourselves?!?


"All I want to do is just be Real And get off of the spinning wheel..."

P.s. I think this was too confronting for Midtown Manhattan because I got kicked off of the "private property" I was dancing on... It's all good though, I danced my way home. 

Music: Take Time by Lenny Kravitz

Why It Feels so Hard to Move Forward

Why It feels so Hard to Move Forward

by Keri Sender-Receiver, LSW

I don’t know about you,

but it feels really hard to move forward these days.

I mean, I know it’s coming. I know it’s allll coming.


A part of me wants to just give up.

“It feels too hard.”

“I don’t want to do all of that work.”

(MY version of my fear).

And a part of me isn’t entirely sure how to Be Fully Me.

Maybe she’s too mean or too smart.

What if she causes some serious damage?

And then I get it --

she’s already been created anyway.

It’s already said and done.

So just Unlock Who You Really Are.

There’s nothing to do but Unlock Who You Really Are…

I write this as a reminder to myself and to all of us.

It is a time of great change and the answer is

to be Who We Really Are, to love and accept ourselves fully.

This is what will move the planet forward.

It’s not about protests,

or constantly reading about politics on your News Feed,

it’s about changing the outside by changing within.

It’s about doing the work, whatever that looks like for you.

And only you know what that is…