ROckin the button doWn

Ever wear an outfit after years of not wearing it, and it brings you back to the time to when you last did?

Rocking this button-down reminds me of 2015 when I came back to Hawai’i from India to move in with my boyfriend at the time. 

The relationship was new and anything and everything was possible...

And I was the version of me that I wanted to Be: confident, successful, respected, grounded, calm. Practicing what I preach.

What actually ended up happening is that I became an inauthentic version of myself because I didn’t want to lose him...but I ended up losing myself along the way.

Four years later I’m back on track...which is most likely why I can bust out the outfit again.

I lost myself in the attachment and made myself small to make him feel big.

This was an ancestral wound that I was holding onto. Generations and generations of women not allowing themselves to BE fully in their Power in relationship...and in LIFE.

So a *News Flash* for those who need to hear it:


If people have a negative reaction to who you really are, THAT’s THEIR PROBLEM, NOT YOURS.

Be yourself no matter what. 

Even if it intimidates and threatens the people you most love and care about.

Be your badass self.

And find your own version of what makes you happy, of what fills you up with joy...

“Strong women excite men and intimidate boys” 💪🏾