You Are Not EVER the Same. EMBRACE CHANGE. ✨💫🌟

You can NEVER actually be stuck or stagnant. 

In fact, in Theravada Buddhist phenomenology we learn that your body is made up of kalapas, subatomic particles about 1/46,656th the size of a piece of dust.

When Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha became enlightened through Vipassana meditation, he discovered that our bodies (and this reality) are simply kalapas that arising and passing away at a rate that is so rapid it actually makes you believe that everything is solid and real.

It is not. 

You are literally never the same.

So don't think for a moment that you are stagnant or stuck.

You are ALWAYS changing.

And no matter what you are going through right now, it is guaranteed to change at some point or another. So...

What if you could be happy knowing that everything is always changing?

What if you could be happy no matter what and allow yourself to change?

What if you let yourself and Life show up differently in every moment?

Who would you Be if you really knew that you were actually wavelets of energy in this reality that are merely arising and passing away?