LOVE Doesn't Look a Certain Way

This upcoming weekend is the 5 year anniversary that my ex-boyfriend Marc decided to take his own life. 

Marc left me in the relationship and got a new girlfriend who had the great displeasure of finding him hanging in his Brooklyn apartment during one of the coldest, darkest and bleakest winters in NYC that I could certainly remember.

Even though we were apart, Mark sent me some messages before he left reminding me of how he truly felt about me and how much he still loved me. 

I was still so angry and sad he left our relationship that I wasn’t able to receive his communication. In fact, I was so angry at him for leaving, that I missed a very big red flag that he was planning to kill himself. 

And I was holding onto my anger so much that I didn’t get to let Marc know how much he meant to me before he died...

Marc taught me that Love doesn’t have to look a certain way. He’s been teaching lately me to let go of anger and control, to trust in who I really am and that I am loved by the people in my life.

His death has taught me how important it is to let the people that you truly care about, know it. 

I love you, Marc. 

I’m sad that you’re not here anymore, but I get more clear with each year that passes why it was destined for you to go.

Photo by Marc. RIP

Photo by Marc. RIP