When I Didn't Think I was Beautiful...

When I was a teenager, my self-image was completely distorted so I had a nose job because I didn’t think I was attractive enough.

The surgery was so painful and traumatic…it wasn’t very long before I completely regretted and resented that I had the operation.

And I still thought that I was ugly.

It wasn’t until I ‘woke up’ at age 28 that I realized how beautiful I am.

And when I finally realized it and declared that I was beautiful, the strangest thing occurred…

Like magic - and for the first time ever - people and strangers EVERYWHERE starting approaching me to tell me I was beautiful: the guy at the corner bodega who sold me coffee every morning, a stranger on the subway, others walking down the street…it was a complete breakthrough.

I had always looked to others to tell me that I was attractive (or worthy, or good enough), but it wasn’t until I realized myself how beautiful I actually was, that the outside world started to tell me too.

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