What does it mean to be Powerful?

In the patriarchal and hierarchical ways of the past (in the Age of Pices) being powerful meant being forceful. It meant "I'm better than you" or "I'm stronger".

It meant I can defeat you.

It was the teacher in grade school who made you sit in the corner for something you didn't do. It was the boss with the very high government position who sent you blackberry messages at 6am and expected you to respond immediately. (and yes, these are examples from my own life).

Within the new paradigm of the Aquarian Age, the realm of the Divine Feminine, and the era of 'You Are Your Own Guru' - Being Powerful simply means being yourSelf. It means being who you really are, in every moment, in every situation and with every one.

What a difference, huh?

For a lot of my life I didn't allow myself to be powerful in the new sense of the word. In fact, I gave my power away to make others feel comfortable.

I withheld who I was so that I wouldn't rock the boat....and in the process, I forgot who I was. I lost my power. I gave my power away. I lost myself.

I got real good at playing the part of whatever role I gave myself to placate the world around me.

And I started to believe my own acting so much that I couldn't tell the difference anymore.

We don't live in a society that generally speaking encourages us to be powerful and to be ourselves. Especially if we're women. We are still being brainwashed to think this way, buy this, be this to be happy. Although it has gotten much better over the years. I think of my Mother's generation and how little women where encouraged to be or think for themselves...we've come a long way, baby indeed.

There's still work to do though, and the good news is that it is easy see when you slip away from your power (because Being Powerful IS a Practice.). The outside world will reflect a version of you that's different than who you know yourself to be. Maybe it's a stranger who interacts with you in a way that's totally out of alignment for you. Maybe it's the way you feel when you're in the presence of a friend...

Just the other day, this man I know a little from around town stopped me in the store and said: "Keri -- You, You're a tough cookie."

He got me. And it felt soooo good.

Don't be fooled by my big smile and upbeat energy. I am definitely one tough cookie. And when I'm really in my power, I'm not hiding any parts of me. I'm owning the tough cookie and letting her shine without apology.

So no matter how tough of a cookie you are, be kind and gentle with yourself and practice being yourself. Just practice.

Before you know it, your Power will be so present that people can't help but be drawn to you like a magnet. No force. No coercion. Simply authenticity in magical action.

Real Power.

And imagine a world where everyone was really in their true Power....