The Caldera

Last night I went to the Caldera,
With moonbows dumping into Pele's pot of Gold, 
the Milky Way hovering close, 
and the brightest Mama Luna illuminating the early morning Sky.
With my boots scraping the dusty earth,
I danced a wave.
I flowed around the cliff side
And danced a silent thank you to Madame Pele. 
I danced a silent thank you to the upcoming Spring,
To the balance of light and dark,
And to celebrate the light beginning it's turn to prevail.
I surrendered my body to move with the cool windy gusts that mixed with Spirit.
And after my movements led me to Stillness,
I took that Flow and tucked it into my pocket.
And showered in the Volcano Goddess.
I let the warm glow of lava,
Fill my heart and Soul.