Bye Bye for Now Big Island! <3

When I first moved away from NYC in 2012, I had no idea I would end up living on the Big Island. I was headed for Santa Monica or Venice Beach in California. In fact, I didn't even know the Big Island existed until I was already on the Hawaiian Islands.

Life just brought me here. I was lead.
It was Destiny.

A fellow gypsy early on in my travels would say "home is where ever you are." I couldn't wrap my head around this concept. All I could do was resist it. Three years later, after two stints in the Big Island, one in Maui, and back to NY twice, I get it. (And now I like to joke that home is wherever my contact case is!)

I'm so sad to leave this magical remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
Yet I know that Im supposed to be in New York City this summer. And I know that travel abroad awaits this Fall.

And I know that if I'm supposed to be back here in this Paradise, I will.

In January 2013, the Big Island broke me. On my way to attempt to surf for the second time, my car broke down. For a second time. It was the straw that broke the camel's back and with a car repair that required more money than I had at the time to spend, I threw in the towel and headed back to NY.

This morning, on my last day on the island (for now), I got on a surf board and into that glorious blue water for the first time.
I was afraid but I did it. And It was perfect. 
All it took was a choice to move through my fear.

The Big Island bent me the past six months, but I did not break. I kept up my practice to surrender -- whether it was about culture, business, community, and ultimately love.

Our paths are a never ending mystery if we allow ourselves to move through our fear of change and the unknown.

If we allow ourselves to let go, to keep exploring our Truth, to stay in the questions instead of trying to figure out all the answers.

I'm not saying I'm a master as this (yet!), but as long as I'm alive, I am 100% committed to it. Never before have I felt so alive.

With ridiculous amounts of aloha,
Keri 🌺🙏