How I Became the Sender-Receiver

Yes I did just change my name to Keri Sender-Receiver. 

And no, Sender-Receiver is not my official last name...YET!  My given name is Keri Ilisa Sender. 
About a year ago, I was home visiting my folks. I did one of those "I'm just going to sit back and observe my family so that I can get more information about them and me".

Fun stuff.

One of the things I noticed was how much energy my father was expending outwards. All day I watched him extend his energy to me, to my mother, to his clients, to his friends, with his work.  It became so obvious by the end of the day why my last name was Sender!   

And so the more I thought about it, the more I realized my own limitations of being the Sender without the Receiver.  Most of my life until very recently was spent only expending energy out, too -- in order to make others happy, to seek approval from the outside world, and because I thought that pushing energy out (aka "working for it") was the way to get what I wanted in life. 

This is old paradigm thinking. It's the Matrix. And thank goodness we are receiving the awareness we need in order to shift into a new way of thinking, being, and believing.

So I added a Receiver to my Sender.

Now, as a Sender AND a Receiver I set my intentions and receive Divine manifestations. I practice receiving everything, without judgement. I Send AND Receive Energy.  I Send AND Receive Love.