2 Months. 9 Cities.

2 months.
9 cities.
North India.
South India.
3 meditation & yoga courses.
Multiple kriyas.
Lots of karma.
A bunch of temples.
More than half a dozen bouts of a sick stomach from something I ate.
Several moments of impatience and frustrations.
Countless smiles.
Many moments of joy.
Ridiculously amazing food,
Beautiful snowy mountain tops.
Airplanes, trains, buses,
taxis, rickshaws, bicycles
and motorcycles.
Deep connections...

How did I managed to get so attached to you, India?
The calm chaotic hustle of your big cities,
The feeling of mushy rice in between my fingers as I eat on the floors of your ashrams
with deep gratitude and joy.
The unexpected friendships,
Early morning pujas,
Pre-dinner chanting,
And after dinner strolls
to converse with the statue of Shiva,
Reminding me of the Illusion
And my Goddess within.

I'm sad to leave you India,
But I will be back
For more opening of my mind and body,
For more levels of learning,
And awareness.
Until then...
Thank you
 and Namaste. 🙏