“It’s like 10 years of therapy in one hour.” -Jennifer, Operations Manager

“I came to Keri not knowing what to expect and not knowing what was miscalibrated or out of whack. After our session my body was radiating with the most intense electrical currents I had ever experienced. I felt as though someone new had stepped in to fill my shoes.  I can't claim to be the all-knowing, though if someone ever asked if Keri was sent to this planet at this time to be a healer, I'd say without a doubt, yes. I wrote the following song about our session.” -Gabriel Petty

“I worked with Keri for the first half of this year. I sought her out because I knew I needed to work with something more than talk- therapy to generate the depth of shift I was seeking in my life. From our first phone consultation I knew there was something special and deep moving through this woman. Through our sessions, Keri helped me hone in on root issues, clear old patterns and equip myself with new tools for observing, processing and engaging with my experiences old and new. I have a clearer and deeper sense of my Self and an entirely new repertoire of coping & expanding skills to work with. 
My confidence and trust in myself was in tatters when I first started working with Keri. Through the months of our sessions she gently guided me to remembering and trusting in myself again. Each session was different, some hard and some gentle and easy; all along the way, Keri supported, guided and offered love to the parts of me that so deeply needed it. I can’t imagine a better Sherpa into the depths of the Soul than she! 
I currently have a clarity of intention and a sense of trust in my intuition that is creating/facilitating shifts in every area of my life. Especially with the unavoidable bumps in the road, I am able to see that it’s a constant journey, but I’m a new person on the path. A gentler, kinder, more connected (to myself and all energies) person. Thank you for creating and holding the space for me to dive deep; thank you for guiding that dive so that it felt productive and approachable; for pushing me, supporting me and celebrating me at all the right moments; for sharing and channeling such healing wisdom and allowing that wisdom to further awaken in my own being. Keri, you are a rare and truly gifted healer.” - Ilana

"I've been working with Keri closely for the past year and a half and in that time, my life has transformed rapidly! I was unfamiliar with energy work before I found her, but something felt blocked and I knew there had to be a way to clear it! Having been to talk therapy throughout my entire life, Keri's background in social work felt comfortable and familiar while we explored a new form of healing. This combination of techniques is what makes Keri so special and unlike any other healer or therapist. Her work is nothing short of magical... She almost always intuitively knows exactly what I didn't know I needed. I could go on forever. I am so grateful for whatever inner guidance helped me find Keri!" – Jordyn,  Fashion Designer

"Keri is an amazing healer, and coach. I chose to work with her on a unique issue that I knew just any coach or a therapist couldn't support me with; As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse I sometimes face unique challenges that require the listening, and compassion of a very skilled therapist and healer.  Keri was my first choice.  She over-delivered and I am grateful to be on the other side of what could have been a life disaster. You are so skilled and thorough. Thank you for existing! I am so grateful to you know." - A.L.

“Keri, the work I did with you was life-changing, painful, but in the best way possible... and I truly believe you helped me clear some dirt that was in need of cleansing for a long, long, time. I look forward to seeing you again; I am eternally grateful for your magic, and your wisdom. And I'm not easy to please or convince, as I have had the honor of working with some truly talented people... but with you, I think I "cleared" more in 2 sessions than work I had been doing for years. You are gifted, my friend. I am grateful to know you. And if any of you reading this haven’t seen Keri yet, I urge you to be brave and take the action to release what is no longer serving you... as she is magic.” - Kristen M., Drug & Alcohol Counselor

"Since going to Keri's energy clearing sessions, I have let things go I never thought I would have, I have stepped into a new phase of womanhood and transformation. I am so gentle with myself now. I am quicker to resolution, able to protect myself from darker energies. I have become more aligned and know how to align myself.  I recognize my light. I tap into a deeper level of consciousness and awareness every session with her. If you are in need of guidance and healing I highly suggest working with her." - Bailee Houle, Photographer

"The person I was showing up as (not the real me) 10 months ago seems like a shell. Keri has walked me through the process of shedding my old skin that I was hiding out in for years. I used to feel incomplete, scattered, and fearful. I feel whole, present, and confident now. This work has changed my life. If you’re having a struggle with making your dreams come true, your health, financial abundance, relationships, or knowing who you really are, I cannot recommend this enough. My life is like night and day...I’m no longer stuck repeating the same behaviors and beliefs I thought I could never break, and I see myself and the world through completely different eyes. Thank you Keri." - Michelle, Naturopath Doctor

Healing Rose.jpg

“I just have to say, that I appreciate everything that we've gone through together throughout our sessions and all the in between. I am so happy that I am finally able to freely express myself without hesitation or judgement, that I've finally created boundaries and safe spaces to be able to communicate with my mom and my sister. I'm really happy to have found you and all the processes we have gone through and will continue to do so. I appreciate you!” - Kristine I

"Thank you again for all you do. I have been experiencing small yet "seismic" internal shifts that show me the impact of our work. For a few weeks now I've noticed I'm much less critical about my body and easing off of the warped self-image that I've carried with me for decades. I definitely feel like I had gotten lost along my way and you're helping me find my way back to me."  -A. Mitchell

"What started as a curiosity to explore past lives has shifted into something life changing. I started doing inner work and receiving healing from Keri about a year ago and since then my life has been transforming. I was truly supposed to meet Keri, perhaps you are too!" - Anna Wilhelm, Vegan Baker

"I realized after our session why it felt most in alignment to do a private session and I’m really grateful that you held space for me to see that past life. I don’t think I would have been shown that life in a group setting and it was one that I really needed to see so that it could be cleared. Before our regression together, I had done guided meditation regressions on my own through audio and they have all been relatively mellow lives and so I was really surprised by the past life that came up in the session. Since our session I’ve been able to see more clearly the old energy at play whenever it comes up..." -Gaby C, Birth Doula

"Last night I had the most amazing past life regression session with Keri-Receiver-Sender.  In a totally safe and quiet room I was able to relax completely and comfortably on the massage table.  I entered into a very deep trance state and yet was able to briefly communicate what I was seeing to Keri. The whole session was an amazing experience of letting go of all judgements and limiting beliefs around human existence. This journey into this past life was beyond my wildest expectations -- even though one is advised not to bring expectations, but an intention.  My intention was to visit a lifetime where I successfully transcended human form into a higher frequency of love and light.  My intention was miraculously fulfilled. Thank you Archangels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters present during the session and to Keri Receiver-Sender." -Bryce Aspen Stillwater, aka Whalesong

From a client who just completed my 'Igniter Program', which consisted of 3 Past-Life Regression sessions: "Amazing how the sequence came together like a fairy tale…what a story… from beginning to end...THANK YOU for helping me remember who I AM and… OWNING MY REALITY, CLAIMING MY TRUTH, STANDING IN MY INTEGRITY, WITH POWER!!!  I think this has inspired me to begin writing a book… did i just say that… I guess I did and so be it! Thank you..." -Heather Hersey, founder of A Moving Healing Center, Polarity and RYSE Practitioner. 

"Keri is a very empathetic, expressive and energetic human being creating a supportive and transformative environment for the highest good.  I had not heard of the Bars before working with her. I was quite surprised at the effectiveness of the technique and what was called forth to be expressed and transformed during our sessions.  Things I was not even aware of that I was holding onto from the past were revealed. I was able to transform this old energy and myself through the process. My work with Keri made me feel lighter, more present to what is going on in my life, and with those connected to me. I finally felt more free and energetic in my various life practices. I recommend Keri to anyone who is seeking to gain perspective and awareness and looking to make themselves more authentic and present in this life." – Jason Koulouras

There is something profoundly healing about Keri's approach. Hard to describe but the combination of hands on energy work, which is hugely comforting in itself, and the talking through of important concerns - it's almost mystical. Very uplifting, both physically, mentally and spiritually. Highly recommend. -Christina, Financial Services Organization Development Manager

"There's something really special about a session with Keri. And I think I've pinpointed what really sets Keri apart from other energy workers and counselors I've known. Keri goes on the journey with me. It's not that she takes on my problems or challenges and does the work for me. But during a session, she is totally engaged and on-board with what I'm experiencing, at times even feeling sensations or emotions in her own body before I notice it in mine. She has a real gift." -Amy, Teacher and Entrepreneur

 "Working with Keri was an incredible experience. Her ability to undo past traumatic memories through both an energetic method and her counseling background makes even one session with Keri a potent releasing journey. I felt as though there exists a life before my Keri session and life after my Keri session. I will definitely be returning!!!" -Shira, Psychology Student  

"That session has shifted my life or lifted something in me. It's so amazing the space it has created for me...you are such a gift." -Caralee, Life-Coach

"Thank you thank you so much for all that you do - if it weren't for it I wouldn't be where I am right now. You played a big role into manifesting the Paula that is now. Mahalo NUI loa." -Paula Reyes, Yoga Instructor

"When I first met with Keri for a session, I was not quite sure what to expect from the process. I was quite surprised when the energy healing and bars process unlocked a very, very old memory that I had no idea was still "stuck" somewhere inside me."  -Stacey, Licensed Social Worker

“I loved my Access Consciousness Bars session with Keri! It was soothing, peaceful, and left me with a bright sense of well-being. It felt luxurious to have a break from the action and feel so well taken care of.” -Christina, NGO Founder

"...I am very impressed with your work and have been causally following it the past few months. I think your energy work is so important...I work with asylum seekers...All of my clients are victims of intense trauma, and so the light and energy that shines through in your guided audio meditations and videos are much needed in this world, and have been especially valuable to me. Thank you for doing this work!" - Nicole, Lawyer

“Thank you very much for your session today. I really feel like the pain associated with this person... has been lifted.  Amazing! You are great at what you do!” –Ilana, Hypnotist

"Thanks for a beautiful Bars class!  I am floating in a mellow cloud of Bliss, and, on the practical/technical side of it, I feel your expert guidance & suggestions were very helpful.  You rock as a facilitator! " -Katrin, Retreat Organizer


“I just wanted to let you know that I feel great following your session - thank you! I slept well, feel clear, able to read academic texts (what?! That's so hard for me!), energized and have a sense of well-being.” Maya, Clinical Social Worker & Bodyworker

“The pain in my hip and leg feels soooooo much better today! You moved it out, holy crap!” –Whittnie, Painter

"Thank you for the life changing work we've been doing together. I had a great healing aya ceremony Friday night and without the work we've been doing I wouldn't have been ready for it. I appreciate you." -Zoltan Szabo, Certified Rolfer

"I very much enjoyed the Access Consciousness Bars class with Keri. She is very passionate and knowledgeable of the material and took her time to really show me where everything is. As a former teacher of Chinese Medicine, I appreciate how Keri presented the material in an easy and yet precise way.” -Shahido, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist


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