Keri is a potent Energy-worker with a Masters in Clinical Social Work.   She gives her clients individual therapeutic sessions where she combines the principles of talk therapy with her acute intuition to tap into your body and mind to release unwanted energy. Keri conducts chakra clearings when necessary, and uses guided visualizations and body processes to eliminate energy from the past.  She also utilizes various forms of non-physical Source energy to facilitate healing. All this, combined with talk therapy techniques, creates a clear pathway to eliminate blocks from both the body and the mind.

Keri practices Access Bars™, a technique that comes from a philosophy called Access Consciousness™.  This technique allows you to function on a new level of consciousness and transform every area of your life.

Access Bars™ is a non-invasive body process that consists of gently touching 32 points on the head. When a Bars Practitioner "runs your Bars", they dispel the heavy energetic charge related to any judgments and limiting points of view which get in the way of you obtaining what you truly want. It has been said that the technique is like deleting files off your computer’s hard-drive, so that more space is available to create something new.


Access Bars™:

  • Unlocks addictive behavioral patterns
  • Opens neural pathways
  • Increases energy flow
  • Reduces or eliminates physical pain & disease
  • Reduces or eliminates stress
  • Induces a meditative state 
  • Eliminates mind chatter
  • Heals emotional scars
  • Enhances healthy sleep
  • Increases the capacity to receive
  • Increases equanimity
  • Regulates symptoms of ADD & ADHD
  • Eliminates repetitive patterns from the past