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 Photo by Bailee Houle INSTA: @happyfreebailee

Photo by Bailee Houle INSTA: @happyfreebailee

I spent a good portion of my past looking to everyone and everything else to show me the way.

Yet on the inside, I was receiving internal messages about my path in life and my Divine contribution to society.

And I was ignoring them because of my insecurities: "I couldn't possibly be..." or "I can't possibly have..." or "I can't possibly help..."

Then one morning in the middle of an intense personal transformation from the Access Consciousness™  energy-healing technique that I now offer others, I found an old brass key the size of my palm in my kitchen drawer.

I had no idea how it got there, but I knew the moment I discovered it, that it was the key to unlock who I really was.

A portal had been opened, and all that I was quiet about and disbelieving inside of myself began to unfold.

The key to my true path and purpose showed up. The doors were unlocked.  

And in that moment, my entire life began to change.

I shed my fears of leaving home and moved by myself from the skyscrapers of New York City to the spaciousness and tropical beautify of the island of Hawaii. A lifelong dream come true.

I left my job working at an agency as a talk-therapist for trauma survivors and started my own business combining my background in mental health with energy-healing, past-life regression therapy, tarot readings and all the spiritual tools I've been acquiring through courses, classes and workshops on my journey.

I began to unlock who I really was...and my entire life transformed.


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I invite you to free-form dance to the Soundcloud playlist below to begin to release some of the stored energy that no longer serves you. 

But not in a bob your head or tap your feet kind of way...I'm talking about locking yourself in a big room and letting it loose! 

Shake your head, shake your body, shake out the old you so you can make room for Who You Really Are...and stay tuned for more epic movement meditations. xoxo

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