Keri has a Masters in Clinical Social Work from New York University and holds a social work license in both the State of New York and Hawaii. 

She has worked as a trauma therapist at a nationally recognized community-based organization, as a clinical therapist at an outpatient mental health clinic, and as a social worker providing long-term life review counseling services for the elderly. 

Keri has taught Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness as an adjunct professor for psychology graduate students. She also co-created and co-facilitated "Be. Here. Now." workshops teaching therapists meditation techniques and other tools to increase their capacity to be more present in sessions.

Along with her Masters in Social Work, Keri has completed over a year and a half of transformational and experiential self-awareness courses, including a rigorous six month leadership program that was ranked by Harvard Business School as one of the best in the nation.

Keri became an Access Consciousness Bars™ Energy-work Practitioner in June of 2012 in New York City. Learning and practicing the energy-work transformed her life and she quickly became an Access Bars™ Practitioner and Facilitator to teach others how to access their consciousness through energy healing and unlock what they already know!

She combines talk therapy techniques with energy-healing so individuals can clear past emotional and energetic blocks to live a life of clarity, possibility and joy. She also provides Wellness workshops at corporations and organizations. The workshops cultivate employee happiness, motivation and well-being through tools such as stress-management techniques, Mindfulness and mind-strengthening exercises, energy-work and meditation.

She completes a demanding 10-day silent meditation course twice a year, where she meditates 10-hours each day. She has a regular sitting meditation practice, a dance meditation practice and has been practicing yoga for almost a decade.

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