When Michelangelo created his masterpiece David, he took a slab of marble and chipped away at everything that WASN’T David. I help you chip away at whatever isn’t you so you can be the YOU that you were truly meant to be in this lifetime. I facilitate you to receive the insights and awareness you need in order to move forward. To Unlock What You Already Know. To be in alignment with your Divinity. To be the MOST YOU version of YOU.
— Keri Sender-Receiver, LMSW, Intuitive Energy Healer, Channel & Transformation Facilitator

Keri Sender-Receiver was a traditional talk therapist for survivors of trauma until she learned a powerful energy-work technique called Access Consciousness Bars™ that completely transformed her life. Now, she combines therapy techniques with energy-healing and transformational tools to assist you to get unstuck and clear past emotional and energetic blocks in order to live a life of abundance, possibility and joy. To Unlock What You Already Know. Work with Keri via Skype or In-Person to

Remove blocks in the way of your dreams.

Let go of old patterns that aren't serving you.

Create possibilities and opportunities for your life.

Design life the way you want it.

Cultivate self-love.

Receive the gifts the Universe has to offer you.

Have a safe space to express yourself without judgement .


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